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Who Are BullAds

BullAds is marketing agency with years of experience specialising in helping e-commerce stores scale to 7- and 8-figures using advanced marketing strategies. We’ve worked with 50+ e-commerce brands and from this we became sought-after experts in the industry.

Over $25,000,000 generated for our clients

Working exclusively with e-commerce stores

Own tracking software for having the most accurate data

Featured on

Worked with 50+ e-commerce brands

Trusted by Management One™

We are extremely honored to be trusted by Management One as one of their reliable partners. Nowadays, it’s extremely challenging to choose the right agency that really has the expertise necessary to scale your brand, so being endorsed by Management One creates even more confident in our potential clients that BullAds is the real deal.

Scaling with Certainty

We are obsessed with delivering our clients the best results, but without accurate data, it’s impossible to do so. So when iOS 14 update was released, the majority of agencies started panicking because the data reported by advertising platforms became extremely inaccurate. Instead of complaining and doing nothing about it, we’ve hired full-time team of coders and developed our own tracking solution, ecomtrack.io, that allows us to get the most accurate data so we can scale our clients’ ads with certainty and much faster than anybody else. Now, hundreds of e-commerce stores are using Ecomtrack as well.

Our case studies

Case Study 1/3

From $85,275 in Ad Spend → $585,636 in Revenue

Are You Ready to Accelerate the Growth of Your Brand?

At BullAds, we:

  • take the whole process of running ads off your hands so you can focus on other areas of the business you are great at. We do the audience & brand research, ads creation, testing of multiple angles, scaling the best-performing ads, ads optimisation, and keeping up with trends
  • developed our own tracking software so we have the most accurate data post iOS 14. This allows us to scale our clients’ campaigns with certainty and reduce any wasted budget due to misattribution, over reporting, or underreporting.
  • have full-time creative person onboard to help make your creatives even more engaging for ads
  • keep you regularly updated about the progress so you know exactly what is going on with your ads

Case Study 2/3

From $40,000 → $393,000 with 4.11 ROAS

Case Study 3/3

From €296,000 → €535,000 in 90 Days

Sick and tired of agencies that work with any and every industry?

At BullAds we are obsessed with delivering our clients the best results and what comes with that is the industry knowledge to really be able to stay on top of trends, what is working and where the market is going!

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Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your brand?

Established: You've had 5-6 figure sales months and think bigger.
Resources: You're prepared to commit to investing in your brand.
Willing: You're committed to building a brand online.
Please Note: We currently have an intake of 4 new clients per month and carefully screen our clients to ensure that we can 100% deliver.

It’s not just about us

When we started BullAds we wanted to ,first of all, help e-commerce brand owners grow their businesses but also to be able to help other people who were not as fortunate as we are. So every year, we donate a portion of our profits to people who we believe need the resources more than we do.

So in 2020, we were able to help Kuba, who is almost 5 years old and he suffered from asphyxia (suffocation) at birth, as a result he has contracted cerebral palsy and, to put it simply, his arms and legs are not working properly. After daily hard work for almost 5 years (3-5 * daily exercise) and the super care of both parents, Kuba has a great chance of that he will walk, talk and live an almost full life (his brain is OK). At the beginning of 2021, he started attending a kindergarten and be among other children. For that he needed special equipment – a wheelchair and a special chair – that we were able to provide.

Second project of 2020 was that we fully funded building a whole water system for an entire village in Ethiopia (around 400 people) who will finally have once the project is completed running, clean, bacteria-free water in their home. Currently, girls and women have to go every day for 2-3 hours to collect water that is filled with bacteria and dirt and then carry the 30 pounds on their back – so they cannot go to school or work. With our help, these people will be able to go to school and work and more importantly not being afraid if the water will make themselves and their children sick.

In 2021, we were able to donate to the kids who attend primary school in Uherský Brod who have some type of disability. These children mostly suffer from autism, physical or mental disability. When we visited the school for the first time we were moved to tears to realise how privilege and lucky we are to be able to do what we are doing and have our health to live our life fully. We donated to the school so each kid can go in the summer to a week-long summer camp (for many of them, it will be first trip in their whole life), buy new equipment that will help the kids progress more and lastly a few teachers can go to a special certification program to be able to help these kids even more.

So from the bottom of the kids and their parents and my hearth, I would like to express my gratitude and say THANK YOU to all of our clients who made this possible. ❤️

Vash, founder of BullAds